Best Winter Travel Destinations for 2022

Best Winter Travel Destinations for 2022

With COVID vaccinations finally rolling out and travel resuming to a relatively normal pace, we’re all anxious to get back out there and start exploring the world again. It’s no secret, though, that there are far more places to vacation in the summer than there are in the winter. 

Regardless, winter vacations can be cozy and beautiful, from snow-covered mountain caps to warming your toes by a log cabin fire. The bottom line is, no matter who you are, there’s a perfect winter vacation out there for you, and we hope you can find it here. 

These are the LIFEazine team’s favorite winter travel destinations for 2022: 

#1: Lucerne, Switzerland

If your mind is on traveling in the winter, the chances are pretty good that you want some snow-capped mountains to look at. Lucerne has that and more! 

The biggest draw to Lucerne according to travelers is the classic, cottage feel of the city. In winter especially, the streets are lined with festive lights and colorful winter flowers. And, of course, if you want to partake in any winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, sledding, or ice fishing, they have you covered. 


#2: St. Lucia, Caribbean

There are two types of people that travel in winter: those who do it to see stunning, sprawling snowscapes, and those who do it to escape the freezing temperatures and permanent sniffles. St. Lucia is for the latter. 

This gorgeous Caribbean island is home to some of the mildest winter weather in the world (think an average of 80 degrees and clear skies). Not to mention, you still get the mountain peaks without any of the freezing cold! 


Caribbean Islands


#3: Galapagos Islands

Winter in the Galapagos is special for more reasons than one. First, you have the purest white sand beaches bordering the bluest coastal waters anywhere in the world. Second, you have the comfortable winter temps that make it possible to wear a bathing suit out in the middle of December. 

And last, but certainly not least, winter marks some major wildlife events on the islands, such as a mass of new giant tortoise hatchings, the migration of the great waved albatross, and iguana mating season where you’ll see the giant lizards out in massive numbers. 

No matter who you are, the Galapagos in winter is something to behold. 


Giant Gillapagos Turtles

#4: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If your ideal winter vacation is being snuggled up in front of a fireplace in a wood cabin on a mountain top, Jackson Hole is the way to go. 

This remote Wyoming town sports some of the more beautiful sights in the United States once winter rolls around. During your visit, you can count on enjoying the scent of towering spruce pines, listening to the rush of glacial white gradually slow as it freezes, and experiencing the granite hot springs in full force as the sun sets behind the snowcapped mountain tops. 

If what you want out of a winter vacation is a breathtaking view you won’t ever forget, then we have to recommend Jackson Hole. 


Bears at Jackson Hole Wyoming


#5: Alaska

Alaska has a bad reputation of being a remote wasteland, but it’s got something that no other place on this list does: The Aurora Borealis. 

For our LIFEazine team, the Aurora Borealis has a special place in our hearts, and Alaska is the perfect place to see it. Where most places around the globe have city lights that cause too much pollution to view the Northern Lights properly, Alaska’s remote wilderness presents the perfect place to watch them unhindered. What’s even better is that, during winter, certain spots in Alaska get 2 months of complete darkness where stargazers can watch all the Universe unfold in front of them with no concern to time. 

Couple that with a fireplace and a log cabin, and you’ve got a vacation for the ages. 


Northern Lights in Alaska


Final Thoughts

Winter vacations have a bad reputation for being cold and miserable, but that simply isn’t true. Regardless of whether you want to go somewhere to play in mountains of snow or escape the perpetual cold and relish a mid-December beach day, there’s a winter vacation out there waiting for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Get going! 

And don’t forget to take some pictures! 


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