Five Reasons You Should Have Your Own Magazine

Five Reasons You Should Have Your Own Magazine

For as long as time has ticked on, we as humans have been enamored with keeping records. Over the last century, we did this with photo albums. 

Before that, it was paintings. Before that, books and letters. 

Even before that, we drew pictures on cave walls using berry juice and charcoal.

So, it only makes sense that, as time passes, our preferences for keeping mementos and memories will continue to evolve into fun new methods that work better than ever before. In fact, the next new method is already emerging. 

Our LIFEazine team has developed new software that allows individuals to create, share digitally, or print their own magazines from the comfort of their own homes, and then have those magazines shipped directly to them. 

“But why do I need my own magazine?” you might find yourself asking. Let’s find out: 


#1: As A Valuable Memento 

Having a personal magazine that you can keep around your home or give to others is a valuable memento that can serve to remind you of all the highlights on your journey.  From your own upbringing, to school, work and travels; all events unique to your life have made you who you are today.  

Additionally, it can also be a pleasant and respectful way to commemorate loved ones that have passed. Through your personal magazine, you can relive moments with those special people that may have long since faded away otherwise. 

Not to mention, the best moment in our lives can fade to the back of our memory over time where they get lost and buried underneath the stresses of everyday life. With your personal magazine, destressing is as easy as curling up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa and reliving those special times.  



#2: As A Conversation Piece 

Who doesn’t love an interesting conversation piece? 

There’s something inherently fascinating about magazines, whether that be the laminate paper they’re laid out on or the professional quality within, or even the fact that they’re so difficult to create on your own. No matter what the reason, magazines are absolutely captivating. 

With your personal magazine, you can lay it in highly visible places such as your coffee table, dining room, or kitchen island to spark a conversation about your life, family, travels, or just the good ol’ days. You’ll also have all your guests asking questions about where you were able to get your hands on such a thing! 



#3: Digital Files Can Get Lost 

With today’s technology, it’s easy to take photos and then forget about them over time. Days turn into months, which turn into years, and suddenly you aren’t even looking at those pictures anymore. You meant to create a photo album from them; you just never had the time. Then, just like the memories that they represent, you’ve forgotten about them. 

Maybe, one day, you drop your phone into the sink, or maybe you crack it on some concrete. Unless you have a good backup system, you suddenly find yourself mourning the loss of those photos you haven’t looked at in forever and wish you would have been just a bit more careful. 

You’re much less likely to be carrying your magazine somewhere where it can be destroyed. With LIFEazine, your photos are stored in a hardcopy magazine that can be kept safe and sound throughout the years 

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#4: Brings Your Images to Life 

You spent months planning the perfect photo session. You did extensive research, looked into photographers in your area and poured through their portfolios, examined all the nearby scenic areas you could book, and finally got the family together for it.

During the session, you all have the time of your lives, laughing and carrying on without a care in the world. Then, just like that, it’s over. 

After a few weeks, your photographer emails you the photos and you look over them as a family and relive that weeks-old memory that still sparks significant happiness inside of you. Then, those images are left on the computer and are only ever dug out when someone needs a copy. 

Why would you leave all of those beautiful memories on the computer, especially when you could have this great family memory as a highlight in your own printed magazine? This way, you most likely will not forget it over the years.  

When you have a personal magazine, it’s so easy to wrap yourself in a blanket and snuggle with your partner and kids, bringing your family together time after time. Not to mention, scrolling through those images on a screen is an entirely different feeling than flipping through page after page of precious memories. 


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#5: LIFEazine Preserves Your Legacy 

A personal magazine can be an excellent way to reveal your own essence or to preserve your family’s legacy. Compile photos over time and jot down notes from those events that would make an excellent photo caption or story. Then, when the time is right, give the magazine as a gift to your friends and family.   

When they open it, you’ll be able to look through those old memories together. Through photos of times long past, you can continue bringing your loved ones together and reminisce about times others may not remember… but you do. 

Thanks to LIFEazine, you’ll always remember. 


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Are you ready to get started on your personal magazine? Visit our subscriptions page today and see how LIFEazine can help you bring joy to your family for generations. 


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