How to Create Your Own Magazine

How to Create Your Own Magazine

Creating your own magazine, whether for yourself or as a gift to someone special, can be an elating experience. 

Unfortunately, however, this is one corner of the internet that is relatively barren. There aren’t nearly as many resources out there for creating your own magazine as there is for, say, DIYing a cat tower (seriously, have you SEEN those things?!) 

Luckily, though, you’ve stumbled upon this article. As someone who’s worked with magazine-creation software for quite some time now, I have the ultimate collection of tips and tricks to help get you started. 

Here’s how you can create your own magazine: 

Start with LIFEazine

LIFEazine is my personal magazine software that is engineered to be effortless and user intuitive. Instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of fonts and color combinations, the software is set up to provide you not only with pre-made designs, layouts, and combinations, but also tips on how to best set everything up. 

In short, you no longer have to be a graphic designer to create a gorgeous magazine

The software is available on a one year subscription basis, which is only $39.00 for the remainder of 2021! Not only is that incredibly affordable, but it’s also the lowest magazine software price you’ll see anywhere. 

Now, once you’ve got your software, here’s how you get started: 

Step #1: Complete Your Verifications

Our website is hosted on Shopify, so before you’re able to access our LIFEazine software, you’ll first have to create a Shopify account to purchase your subscription. As soon as that's in place, you’ll receive a link in your inbox to set up your actual LIFEazine account. 

I know this seems a bit of a hassle, but the entire process only takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. Then, you can log in and let your creativity go to work (and if you use Chrome, it will remember your LIFEazine log-in info from that point on!)

Step #2: Select Your Layouts

LIFEazine comes with a variety of pre-made magazine page layouts for you to choose from, so you can get a beautiful design without having to go through the trouble of creating them from scratch. Our software is all about ease and accessibility, and you’ll find little details at every step to make creating your magazine easier. 


Step #3: Fill in the Details

Each of our layouts has specific text and photo boxes that you can fill out with your own information. For the writing portions, there are tips and helpful hints in case you get stuck (or simply aren’t a writer by nature) and the photo boxes easily adjust to contain your photos. 

Most of our pages also have background photos that can be changed according to your preference and color theme, so keep an eye out for those as well! If needed, you can adjust the opacity of these backdrops so they aren’t too distracting. 



Step #4: Complete as Many Pages as You Need

For some of you, fifteen spreads are enough to summarize your entire life story, and there’s nothing wrong with that! For others, however, there are tons of important details that you just can’t skip over, and the end result can come out to upwards of 100 individual pages. Also no problem as this expansion will be made available early 2022. 

Regardless of what your personal preference is, LIFEazine can cater to it!


Step #5: Share Your Magazine

Once you’re finished and your magazine looks perfect, there are several options to share your final product. 

Our favorite one is the digitally shareable option, where you can copy a link to your personal magazine and email that link to anyone you’d like to share it with!

We are currently working on the option to actually print your magazine and have it shipped to you directly. More regarding this soon! 




What if I Want to Try LIFEazine Before I Subscribe? 

Of course you want to try LIFEazine before you pay for it! For this reason, we offer a limited-feature free trial where you can explore our software and get a handle on creating your own "special edition magazine" before you decide it’s the right fit for you! 


What Do I Do Now? 

If you’ve read through this article, and you’re still on the fence about creating a stunning magazine full of amazing visuals and highlights that commemorate your life, then I recommend trying out our free trial. 

You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the way everything works while avoiding buyer’s remorse in the unlikely event that you simply don’t like it. 

To get started with setting up your free trial, visit our subscriptions page. If you’re already convinced, however, you can go ahead and purchase here

Should you have any issues, our customer support is readily available. Just shoot us an email! 


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